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Start your dog on a Healthy Lifestyle

You can get your dog started on a healthy lifestyle with this kit. You have the potential "fuel" to power your pet's own curative abilities. The results have been clinically verified by veterinarians world-wide; pets have successfully been reversing symptoms on their own with Azmira and Dr. Newman's Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle. Proper holistic care includes veterinarian support and daily home attention. Providing these safe, effective supplements, in addition to detoxification and a balanced, wholesome diet - such as Azmira's dry and canned formulas - will set the stage for reversing your pet's poor health condition. In order to address any condition successfully by completely reversing the symptoms, Dr. Newman's Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle must be followed or you run the risk of suppressing symptoms only temporarily. Fasting and detoxification can be important steps prior to stimulating the body with nutritional therapy. These processes help prepare the body for further re-balancing, and ultimately for healing. Dr. Newman's Holistic Animal Care LifeStyle is based on Dr. Newman's naturopathic approach to pet care and over twenty-five years of research and successful application of these formulations. It's simple premise is: Changing to a natural, high quality diet, supplemented with nutritional, herbal and homeopathic products, provides the necessary foundation to help facilitate specific curative responses. Treating symptoms or any health issue without first addressing a possible underlying nutritional imbalance is a waste of time. Diet may be a causative factor. Many treats, and even so called "natural" supplements, are full of fillers such as yeast, chemicals, artificial flavors and colors. Look carefully at what your pet is being fed. Use Azmira Diets to further support the body's own curative process. To introduce a LifeStyle change for a successful symptom relief program, start with a systematic approach through the wholesome, reliable nutritional foundation provided by Azmira diets. For optimum results, we have provided your pet with the higher therapeutic levels of nutrients found only in Azmira's Mega Pet Daily and Super C 2000. This combination encourages the body to detoxify, re-balance and helps the body release trapped, excess waste matter and alkalize the bloodstream, so a more efficient immune system, which helps the body resist other inflammatory-triggering substances, is strengthened.

MEGA PET DAILY This high potency, therapeutically superior multiple vitamin and mineral supplement provides extra nutrients vital to the reversal of immune dysfunction and corresponding symptoms. Vitamins A, B-Complex and E are synergistically formulated with minerals such as Biotin, Zinc, Iron, Selenium and Chromium to build resistance to allergens and promote symptom reversal and tissue repair.

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One of Nature's "miracle" nutrients, our pearls contain the strongest allicin content (1000mg.) of only the freshest, pesticide free garlic, combined with 500 mg. parsley extract. Considered by veterinarians to target circulation, digestion, and nerves; may purge toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system and immune system.

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SUPER C 2000

This concentrated, buffered Vitamin C supplement provides 2000 mg. of ascorbic acid per half teaspoon. Vitamin C is well known for its anti-histamine and anti-septic properties, as well as building resistance to allergies in general. Vitamin C promotes tissue repair, fights infection and supports strengthening of the respiratory passages.

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D'Toxifier Dr. Newman's homeopathic combination is used for the much needed cleansing so vital tostimulating & supporting the kidneys and liver!Encourages nutrient assimilation. Aids in preventingvaccinosis. Addresses a variety of symptoms including arthritis, allergies, digestive upsets, acutetoxicity and many more. 2-3 drops must be given either directly in the mouth or in water. Given initiallyevery day for 2 weeks then once per week thereafter or every fifteen minutes in crisis situations.

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