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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Avalanche's Italian Stallion aka Rocky

Rocky is a calm, even tempered and confident male. One look at Rocky in person will give you a sense of the strength and awe this dog possesses. Rocky's stride is so smooth you get the feeling that he's almost floating or gliding effortlessly across the yard. Rocky is not interested in chasing a ball or playing with a rope, but when you present a real job to him,like catching wild sheep, he is in 110%. When you want to go a mile, he wants to go another, there’s just no stopping him! He has a top notch temperament and is extremely loyal to family. He enjoys meeting new people, but will not hesitate put someone in check if he picks up on any negative energy. Rocky is my top notch protector and guard dog and has proven his ability and confidence to protect me.

One year Rocky traveled up the road to a place we moved out of and discovered the two "new" men who were moving in. Rocky immediately went into the house and backed one of the men into a corner, where he held them there for quite a while. The man's friend showed back up and somehow they got Rocky out of the house, needless to say, they threatened Rocky if they ever saw him again ...well...they didn't end up moving in after all. Rocky is hands down the best dog I have ever owned, and I am doing all I can to produce another male as magnificent as my Rocky!

  • Weight: 118

  • Height: 25"

  • Color: Brindle

  • Born: 2011

  • Reg: ICCF, AKC


  • Sire: Avalanche’s Brimstone ( CH Jordi X CH Saphira)

  • GrSire:CH Jordi DPDP (CH Cheno x Pouilles)

  • Jordi: Brazilian CH, 4th in 2004 world show

  • 3x World Champion Cheno

  • CH and Repro CH Paolo

  • IT CH David x CH Saida

  • CH Plud x Tosa

  • CH Quaron x CH Idra del Mugese

  • CH Timon x Kimba

  • Dam: CH Saphira (Diro x Celine)

  • CH Pascal x Djon

  • CH Timon x Circe

  • Dam:Avalanche's Abbi ( PBK’s Joker X CH Azzura)

  • Sire: PBK’s Joker(Stonecroft’s Timber x Etusa)

  • Dam: SGC Azzura(Paolo x Antonella)

  • CH Stonecroft’s Rocky Argo Del’Hurcane

  • Sirio x Athena

  • Olmosleno x Olmslbella

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