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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Cape Fear's Preacher - Correct Temperament.

Pictured: Cape Fear's Preacher (RockyxSally), owned by Rachel Hattig of Senza Tempo Cane Corso in Austin, TX

So preacher saved my butt yesterday. We were on a rural hiking trail and we came up on a guy with a large fawn mastiff. The guy was already having a hard time controlling his dog so we quickly leashed up all of our dogs but Preacher. (I didn't bring a leash for him because he listens so well I don't ever need one.)

We walked past them with the guy struggling to keep his dog from getting lose and then we kept moving down the trail. After a couple minutes I hear something running up on us from behind, I turn around just in time to see that the mastiff had got lose from the owner and was barreling down the trail right for us. It was just me and my 12 year old daughter, so I had her stand behind me holding the puppies while I had Cashmere and Preacher at my side. I yelled at the dog to go home and stood in front of him blocking his access to the rest of the dogs. He did stop but he got low and was still creeping forward. He was now less than 5 feet away and he looked like he wanted to jump up at me like a cat does when it attacks. So as a last resort I stood tall and clapped my hands at him to back off trying to scare him off. Right at the point he jumped up and tried to bite my hands, however Preacher intercepted him before he could make contact. The dog didn't even see him coming and honestly neither did I. Preacher had him on his back in seconds and held him there snarling but not actually biting him. The dog didn't even try to fight him surprisingly enough. Finally the owner came running down the trail at that point and I was able to grab Preacher by the scruff and let the guy collect his dog. My hands were shaking like crazy and the guy just sat there and complimented me on my dogs and how well trained they were. It was so awkward because I am visibly trembling from the whole ordeal and this guy is trying to have a conversation about my dogs.

Anyway...I am constantly in awe of this dog. I feel like I owe him so much for all the times that he has stepped up for my defense. Sometimes it was not really needed, but he was there anyway. This time it really was serious and I can't imagine how bad it would have been without him there to keep me safe.

You simply cannot put a price on this kind of loyalty and dedication. Needless to say Preacher dined on steak last night.

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