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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Cape Fear's John Wayne The Duke

December 21, 2017

Duke is a dominant male with a calm and quiet demeanor. His lines are heavy with old del Dyrium on both sides. His 27“ frame allows him to smoothly and elegantly stride across our dog yard in just a few bounds. Yet underneath the calmness is a very serious Corso who carries plenty of strength, power, and confidence that aides him in completing any job asked of him.











  • Weight: 115

  • Height: 27"

  • Color: Fawn

  • Born: 2014

  • Reg: ICCF/AKC



  • Sire: Avalanche’s Italian Stallion AKA Rocky

  • Sire: Avalanche's Brimstone ( CH Jordi X CH Saphira)

  • Dam:Avalanche's Abbi ( PBK’s Joker X CH Azzura)

  • Jordi: Brazilian CH, 4th in 2004 world show

  • 3x World Champion Cheno

  • CH and Repro CH Paolo

  • IT CH Timon, IT CH Quaron

  • IT CHDavid, Plud(4x/4gen)

  • Dam: Avalanche’s Nessa

  • Sire: Avalanche’s Kilo(CH Giacomo xCeline DPDP)

  • Dam: Glamour(CH Jordi DPDP x Celebrant “Mila”)

  • Multi CH Pascal

  • 3x World CH Cheno

  • Marion DPDP

  • CH Ares dei Silvanbull

  • 3x World CH Cheno

  • IT CH Timon

  • IT CH Quaron

  • IT CHDavid, Plud(4x/4gen)

  • It.Ch;;YWW00 Nestore

  • It.Ch;;Eu.Ch00;Ch.Pl Ettore