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Cape Fear Cane Corso

The Raw Diet For Your Dog - Part 4

January 10, 2018

Now that I've covered WHY I feed raw.  Here I'll explain WHAT I feed.


At our kennel, things have to be easy.  In short, I feed a base of chicken quarters and  I add variety with meat chubs.  These include Beef, tripe, organ, raw eggs, and different supplements here and there. 

Some of the extras I give are:

Probiotics: you can give sufficient probiotic's via yogurt, kefir, Kombucha
Parasite DR – Contains all the herbs that help keep the digestive system healthy, detoxify's, and eliminate's parasites including Heartworm. A healthy dogs immune system will keep all heartworm eradicated from their systems; if they are actually exposed to it. 
You can purchase Parasite DR here:

Diatomaceous Earth: kills internal parasites as well as use for fleas, ticks. 

OILS  ‐ (all raw(unrefined) and organic); Olive oil, Coconut Oil Flax Seed, Hemp.

Coconut oil – anti‐bacterial, anti‐Viral, Anti‐Biotic…..if you dog gets an eye infection, goop this in their eye…it will be gone the next day or two at the most.

Spirulina‐  I give a tablespoon of Spirulina once or twice a week.

Tumeric ‐ I sprinkle Tumeric several times a week.

Olive Leaf Complex(By Barleans) ‐ If the dogs exhibit "cold" symptoms, runny nose, any type of cough ‐ give some Olive Leaf complex.

Garlic ‐  kills worms, general immune support.

Ground (raw) Pumpkin seed‐ Kills internal parasites.

Heartworm's.  I suggest reading the book "Vital animals do not get heartworm's" from


The best source for research and information I have found on the internet for natural/ homeopathic dog health care has been: "Dog's Naturally Magazine".


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