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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Cane Corso Project's Battista aka "Dixie"

March 26, 2018

Dixie is a very Intelligent, sweet, and beautiful female. She is somewhat dominant and very confident. She has a high protection drive and high pack drive. Dixie has a medium Coroso temperament in that she shows aloofness towards strangers, yet is ok with meeting people, she also shows a willingness to protect.  She has a confidence that is a key quality that I want to carry in my puppies.






Weight: 85

Height: 24"

Color: Blue Brindle

Born: 2013





Sire: Avalanche’s Crnobog “Judge” (Bruce x Celebrant)
•GrSire:Bruce ( CH Silver x IT.CH;EU Ch02 Molly)
•CH Silver ( IT CH Bayron x Arba)
IT.CH;EU Ch02 Molly (IT CH Bayron x Altea)
•GrDam:Celebrant (IT CH;CH rip;YWW00 Nestore x Lilla)
IT CH;CH rip;YWW00 Nestore
                  (IT.CH;CH rip;EU CH00;CHPl Ettore x CH rip Dauna)
•Lilla (Max x Gaia)
Dam: Avalanche’s Giltine “Stripe”(Avalanche’s Gold Rush x PBK’s Quirkee)
•GrSire: Gold Rush “Charlie”(Vinicio dCC x Avalanche’s Denali)
• Vinicio dCC (Arrow dCC x Athena dCC)
• Boston
It.Ch; Bayron
It.Ch;;WW99 Quasar
• Avalanche’s Denali (CH Jordi DPDP x Avalanche’s Myha Salome)
•GrDam: PBK’s Quirkee ( Stonecroft’s Timber x Etusa)
•Stonecroft’s Rocky Argo dell’Hurrican
•Medea Di Alcor