Cape Fear Cane Corso

Cape Fear's Xerxes

Xerxes is one of the top prospects here retained from our Duke x Roxy breeding. He has shown an extremely high intelligence and maturity for a puppy. He is has high drive and is dominant. Keep an eye on him, he's going to be a huge male!


Sire: Cape Fear's John Wayne the Duke

●GrSire: Avalanche’s Italian Stallion AKA Rocky

●Avalanche's Brimstone ( CH Jordi X CH Saphira)

●Avalanche's Abbi ( PBK’s Joker X CH Azzura)

●Jordi: Brazilian CH, 4th in 2004 world show

●3x World Champion Cheno

●CH and Repro CH Paolo

●IT CH Timon

●IT CH Quaron

●IT CHDavid, Plud(4x/4gen)

●Avalanche’s Nessa

●Avalanche’s Kilo(CH Giacomo xCeline DPDP)

●Glamour(CH Jordi DPDP x Celebrant “Mila”)

Dam: Cape Fear's Roxy

●Avalanche’s Italian Stallion AKA Rocky(Brimstone x Abbi) ●Avalanche's Brimstone(FCI CH Jordi x CH Saphira DPDP) ●FCI CH Jordi (CH Cheno x Pouilies)

●IT CH Diro x Celine DPDP ●CH and Repro CH Paolo ●IT CH Timon DPDP ●Kimba, •Circe, •Djon DPDP ●FCI CH Quaron ●FCI CH Idra del Murgese ●Avalanche's Abbi(PBK’s Joker x FCI SGC Azzura dCC) ●Stonecroft’s Timber; CGC TT CAL 1 ●Etusa, •Paolo de Lautaro, •Antonela de Lautaro ●Avalanche’s Sally(CH Giacomo x Eclipse) ●CH Giacomo (FCI CH Jones x Jadore)

●Avalanche’s Eclipse(Vincenzo dCC x Calypso) FCI CH Arrow x FCI SGC Athena ●FCI CH Silver x FCI CH Molly II ●FCI CH Nestore x Lilla

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Cape Fear Cane Corso

V. Glisson

A righteous one has kind regard for the life of his animal and understands his soul, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.
Proverbs 12:10

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