Cape Fear Cane Corso

Alpha(Klaus) x Cape Fear's Angelina Litter born 2/3/21

Our first litter from Alpha and this will be a superb, top notch litter! Angelina's old Dyrium line and Alpha's exceptional Custodi Nos, Dyrium and Gerassi lines just not going to find a better pair...well, ok, maybe my next breeding, lol. All kidding aside, Alpha is a nice sized male at 27.5" and 135/lbs at 18 mos...he's got some filling to do. Both Alpha and Angellina's temperaments are very nice. Both playful and loving dogs, they will produce excellent family guardians. Angelina's older lines carry unmatchable intellect when it comes to real work(not bite/sleeve work) and Alpha's lines superb health, structure and temperament, I can't say enough about this litter.


Blue Collar

Green Collar

Red Collar


Yellow Collar

Tan Collar

Orange Collar

Grey Collar

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Cape Fear Cane Corso

V. Glisson

A righteous one has kind regard for the life of his animal and understands his soul, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel.
Proverbs 12:10

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