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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Sprezzatura's Jazzmine

Jazzmine is the product one of our collaborations with Sprezzature Cane corso. She has a great temperament and loves to stick close to me. She would rather be right next to me than running and playing....I had to entice her to fetch so I could get some pics of her, lol. She does love to run and play and is very athletic.


Registries: AKC

Sire: Klaus Custodi Nos aka Alpha

  • Igon del Dyrium

  • Dorian Gerassi Corso

  • Alenia Del Dyrium

  • Maximus Gerassi Corso

  • Master Del Dyrium

  • Enza Degli Elmi

  • Bandito Degli Elmi

  • Nera Gerassi Corso

  • Davor Del Dyrium

  • Amira Del Dyrium

  • Donatello De La Guittonne

  • Dora Del Nero Velluto

  • Divna Custodi Nos

  • Aragon: JCh. IT, Ch. IT, Campione Riproduttore, Ch. Int

  • Denga Custodi Nos

  • Aron

  • Lord Dell'Appio

  • Don Dell'Appio

  • Dei Dauni Conan

  • Bayron

  • Quasar

  • Nik

  • David

Dam: Valencia's Edenian Jade

Sire: Klaus Custodi Nos aka Alpha

Dam: Valencia's Edenian Jade

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