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Please consider before filling out our application that we feed and promote a raw diet for our pups. 
Our contract requires raw feeding our prescribed diet available on & Life-Guard Supplement. I personally coach and train every family in raw feeding their puppy, no family is left to figure it out on their own. 
If you can agree to raw feeding our prescribed diet, please, fill out the application, I look forward to talking with you.  

Everyone wants a male.  So, Rachel @ Senza Tempo CC made a video giving tips and differences between male and female Corso.  I do warn everyone...Corso are not like any other dog breed and a male Corso is no joke. Take a few minutes and listen to the reasons why I recommend first time Corso owners and families with young children, get a female.
I have never had a female returned for dominance, although I do have males returned because of dominance issues.

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Cape Fear Cane Corso Puppy Application
Are you interested in a:
Are you interested in a:
Are you Flexible on color preference?
Check your desires for your Cane Corso
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