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Sales Policy


Please read this Sales Policy completely, your deposit is an agreement to these terms.

Placing puppies with a family is something I take seriously and with careful consideration. 

My first Corso was a complete mismatch for our young family and a nightmare.  I have experienced the worst a new owner can experience, I use that experience in placing a puppy with every family.  I apply my experience with owning and rearing puppies in helping you get a puppy that will fit in your family just right.  I watch each litter and each individual puppy for drive(s), dominance and temperament differences.  I can estimate a puppy's developing personality but drive and temperament of a puppy does not begin to come out until 6-7 weeks and continues to develop.  Understand that your Corso will not be fully developed until the age of 3-4 years.  They will go through many stages and changes; patience is the utmost importance in their development. 
The lines we breed can be dominant with you and do have the protection instinct inherent.  If this is your first Corso and you have not owned a dominant breed previously, you must understand these are dominant, not "Dog park" or highly social dogs.  I recommend first timers and families with young children start with a female.  They bond tightly with their family(especially children), will protect them and are much easier to handle than a male.  A male's temperament can be harder and more dominant with children.  
If you are military, and decide you want a protection dog in your home, especially while your away.   Nothing could be worse than leaving a dominant dog with your family and you're the only alpha.  The dog must learn to respect everyone in the home, and everyone must be on board with the training. 

If you are planning on becoming new parents in the next six to nine months, do not buy a puppy just yet.  The time a Corso puppy takes, and a new baby could be overwhelming for mom, wait until baby has arrived and after 6mos+ look for a puppy. 


We require a $500 Companion 4th-8th or $1,000 1st-3rd POL Deposit to reserve a puppy in any current or upcoming litter which is applied toward your total. Your balance is due at 6 weeks of age. Your deposit is your acceptance of our policy and payment on a puppy. If for some reason you change your mind on a puppy, you forfeit monies paid. If the puppy/litter is not available due to non-pregnancy, litter fail, not enough of the sex(M/F) is born (nature has full control of this) or if I feel the litter/puppy will not fit in your family well, the deposit will be applied to another puppy or litter. Monies paid are non-refundable.

The depositor/purchaser has read and fully understands the terms of this sales policy and agrees to abide by it.  



I place puppies according to the structure and experience of the family before color.  Temperament and fit are my priorities.  First pick deposits have first pick at 6 - 7 weeks.  I will steer first picks in the direction of a puppy that will fit their needs (be it a certain drive, temperament or dominance level).  After the first/second picks I will begin to place puppies with families according to their description, need and fit.  In simple terms, if you like a blue puppy, but that puppy is too drivey and/or dominant for your family.....I'll steer you to a better fit.  Color is not a priority, but is taken into consideration, I do my best to get you the color you want but cannot guarantee color.  If the litter does not produce a puppy that fits you and your family, we will move to another litter.

Health Guarantee

All of our puppies come with a three-year health guarantee with required feeding of our Complete Nutrition Package monthly.  I created the raw food package to give you the peace of mind, knowing your pup is getting everything he/she needs. This package makes raw feeding as easy as feeding kibble, thaw - feed, that's it.  All puppy families get a 10% discount on top of the 5% monthly subscription discount. 
Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, the terms of our three-year health guarantee will not be honored unless they are fed our
Complete Nutrition Package as directed, for the entire guarantee period. Failure to do so will render this guarantee null and void except where prohibited by law. 


ALL puppies come with a limited registration slip with ICCF and /or AKC. It is your choice on whether you register your puppy or not. 

Due to ongoing research and studies showing spay/neutering can cause serious problems and diseases, I do not require spay/neutering of companion puppies. This is a decision I leave solely up to the adoptive family. All Puppies will come with a limited registration. If you decided to show/breed your puppy at a later date, there is a show/breed rights fee.


Show/Breed Prospects

Breed rights have an extra $3,000 fee. 
Show/Breed prospects: We cannot guarantee your puppy will be show/breed quality, although we take careful consideration of our prospective show puppies. We can only expect certain puppies out of a litter will be prospects for show/breed quality. Not every puppy is a show/breeding prospect. The puppy's temperament, health, and overall structure is considered.

What's included:

Puppies will have one set of core vaccinations, de-wormed, and tails docked. Color is not guaranteed. After puppies are born, we will list available puppies' pictures on this website.  Your deposit reserves a puppy for you.


Ear Crops:

The choice to crop ears on your new puppy is left to each buyer's choice/decision.

We offer ear crops by our vet for an extra $475.00.
Puppy & Ear crop must be paid in full prior to ear crop Appointment date.


Cape Fear Cane Corso Puppy Prices:
Prices will very per litter depending on the breeding and pedigree.
In general, our import litters will be priced higher than other litters.
Our average prices are provided below.
View litter page details on the price of a specific puppy you are interested in.

  • Cane Corso Companion Puppy:

  • First Pick-of-Litter Puppy:  $3,500 - $3,000

  • Second Pick-of-Litter Puppy:  $2,800 - $2,700

  • Third Pick-of-Litter Puppy:  $2,500

Shipping/Pickup of your Puppy

We love to have everyone pickup their puppy.  It's the best part of passing a puppy off to a new family.  I love meeting our new families and getting a chance to talk person to person.  I also understand this is not always possible so we are able to ground transport your puppy to you.   Your transport expense will generally be around $445-$530, plus $75 for health certificate, and $65 - $75 for shipping kennel.  For an older or larger puppy, the kennel and shipping cost will increase per ground transport quote. If the puppy is older than 12 weeks, there is an additional charge for a rabies vaccination - required to ship.


Stud Service:

We offer stud service to approved females. Inquire for details.


Puppy Care & Training

Puppies are what you make of them. If you ignore your puppy he will grow-up to ignore you and very likely dominate you. You must be consistent in your training with your puppy. I strongly urge you to obedience train your puppy. Continue to hand feed them, make noise while they eat, socialize them as much as you can. If the puppy can go with you, let the puppy go. Time is short with a puppy, enjoy every minute of it.

Leash training your puppy should start right when you get him/her. At first they will fight it, they love their freedom to run and play, but if you stay positive and do not give in to their cry, they will begin to except the leash as a positive thing between the two of you.

Puppies enjoy chewing on anything they can get their teeth on, so instead of having to replace your furniture, you could try pig ears, pig twist, a kong with peanut butter, liver snaps, or any heavy rope toy. DO NOT give them any plastic toys, they will eat them. The plastic can tear their intestines and they can die.



24/7 Puppy "Technical" Support System

We have a private Group on this website as well as Facebook that all of our families are added to. I created this group for my puppy families only. I have included several experts in the Cane Corso breed, as well as specifically these lines, who can help answer any question you may have. If you are having a training delima, or a temperament issue, or a health are safe to ask in our private group. You will get tips and answers from people I fully trust.

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