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We are located in Rocky Point, North Carolina, just outside of Wilmington.

 Since 2012 I have had the pleasure of breeding Cane Corso.  I strive for stable temperaments, intelligence, working ability, health and conformation.
My breeding stock comes from Old Italian and Champion Imported Lines
that are both stable and healthy.


I am currently on our 4th generation of raw fed dogs. Feeding our dogs a raw diet ensures their overall health is strengthened and functioning at an optimal level.  I take a proactive approach and concentrate on keeping my dog’s immune systems strong and healthy by way of a natural raw food diet. 


Cape Fear Cane Corso

Conditioned athletes who are prepared to take on any task! This is the first impression that you should have when looking at the Cane Corso. The Cane Corso should be balanced with substantial bone and great muscle mass.

The Cane Corso is a very balanced animal both mentally and physically. He should be confident, secure and vigilant. The firmness of his nerves represents the true mental strength of the breed. 

I guarantee, you will not be disappointed with a

Cape Fear bred Cane Corso!


The firmness of his nerves represents the true mental strength of the breed.


We carefully select the dogs we choose to breed.  We take the job very seriously of balancing conformation, temperament and health to produce the best Cane Corso for family protectors, as well as working ability.

Just one click away from

Puppy Breath Heaven....

Puppy Adoption

​Can Be Something Beautiful

I want to make sure you get the right puppy to fit your
family and Lifestyle.  

If this is your first experience with a strong guardian breed,
fitting you with the right puppy is of utmost importance.  

We have a simple process to purchasing one of our puppies. 
First, fill out our application and submit it. 
I will give you a call to discuss your experience desires in a dog and the litter and puppy that 
will fit with you the best.  Whether you're an experienced handler looking for that perfect dog to work with or a family looking for the family protector and pet, I can match you with right puppy to give you the results you're looking for.

Read about the history, the standard and the utility of the Cane Corso from contributing breed experts and mentors.

I created a private Family Group on this website as well as  facebook as a 24/7 Tech Support for you and your puppy.

We have several mentors with 30+ years of combined experience and knowledge in dealing with the Cane Corso breed, as well as our specific lines.  We have Behaviorists, Historians, and experienced Health Experts to answer any question you may have.

To join our Facebook group, send a friend request to:
Vicky Glisson

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Diet & Health is the number one factor in  my program.  Get the in's and out's of my diet program that promotes health. Learn how to become part of the solution to the increasing and alarming pet health crisis and learn how to keep your pet in top health!
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Puppy Families

5 Reasons you should get a female Cane Corso instead of a male.

This is a really good video on the male Cane Corso.  If you are considering getting a male, please watch this video....male Cane Corso are not easy to raise.  They have strong temperaments and can be very dominant with the family members.

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