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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Asta Liga De Leyendas

Asta is an upcoming stud. He has a sweet, loyal personality and we expect him to grow out to a big boy. We look forward to watching him grow here and using him in our program. He is only 6 months as of this publishing, so keep an eye out for his updates as he grows!

Born: 05-04-2023

Athos Porolissum Cane Corso

Molosblackwolf Dolly

Caius Porolissum Cane Corso

Amelie Porolissum Cane Corso

White Paloma Wolf

White Paloma Alina

Dei Dauni Alvaro

White Paloma Liza

Hanno Della Valle Degli Orsi Ali

Danielle Della Valle Degli Orsi Ali

Timoniere Oziris-nestor

White Paloma Klara

Majoshaza Reme Alfeo

White Paloma Iota



Idra Del Murgese

Baraba Custodi Nos

Imola Custodi Nos

Madoxx Custodi Nos

Ebonee Custodi Nos

Faro Olimpo

Verena Custodi Nos

Amberland Oragon

Stanley Pat My Life Goes On At Amberland

Rus Best Line David

Private Vendetta Della Valle Dei Lord

Stanley Pat Je T’aimerus

Best Line Evrika

Dior Della Valle Dei Lord


Prestige Corso Of Bajerova

Rothorm Jy Dream

Akashabarone Dei Re Di Roma

Stanley Pat Enyarus

Best Line O’GrozbiruS

Best Line Nikol

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Apr 08

Good looking boy I have his father @H HOUSE KENNELS

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