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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Cape Fear's Banf

Banf is a very nice stud with a great temperament. He is a production from our old Italian lines, Perceous x Vanilla. I am looking forward to incorporating him into our newer import lines. He has a nice structure and an iconic Corso head. He has a true Italian Corso calm energy and intelligence that are traits I absolutely love about our lines. Look for litters sired by Banf to get some of this true Corso temperament!

Registry: ICCF

Height: 26"

Weight: 125

Sire: Cape Fear's Perceous Dei Dauni Caspian x Cape Fear's Bellina

  • ITCH Dei Dauni Conan

  • Nausica

  • FCI CH Paco II

  • FCI CH Nikita II

  • FCI CH Ettore

  • FCI CH Dauna

  • Ava. Italian Stallion AKA Rocky(Brimstone x Abbi)

  • Avalanche's Brimstone(FCI CH Jordi x CH Saphira DPDP)

  • FCI CH Jordi (CH Cheno x Pouilies) • Brazilian Champion • Placed 4th in the World Show 2004 • Sire of 5 Brazilian Champions in 2 litters

  • • 3x World CH Cheno

  • IT CH Diro x Celine DPDP

  • CH and Repro CH Paolo

  • IT CH Timon DPDP

  • Kimba, •Circe, •Djon DPDP

  • FCI CH Quaron

  • FCI CH Idra del Murgese

  • Avalanche's Abbi(PBK’s Joker x FCI SGC Azzura dCC)

  • Stonecroft’s Timber; CGC TT CAL 1

  • Etusa

  • Paolo de Lautaro

  • Antonela de Lautaro

  • Avalanche’s Sally(CH Giacomo x Eclipse)

  • GrSire:CH Giacomo (FCI CH Jones xJadore)

  • FCI CH Tequila

  • FCI CH Ww98 Paco II

  • Avalanche’s Eclipse(Vincenzo dCC x Calypso)

  • Bruce x Celebrant

  • CH Arrow x SGC Athena

  • FCI CH Silver x FCI CH Molly II

  • FCI CH Nestore x Lilla

Avalanche's di Cape Fear's Vanilla

  • Avalanche's Boulder

  • Avalanche's Hatty

  • CH Bayron

  • CH Quasar

  • CH Quaron

  • Avalanche’s Brimstone ( CH Jordi X CH Saphira)

  • CH and Repro CH Paolo

  • IT CH David x CH Saida

  • CH Plud x Tosa

  • CH Quaron x CH Idra del Mugese

  • Avalanche's Abbi ( PBK’s Joker X CH Azzura)

  • Sire: PBK’s Joker(Stonecroft’s Timber x Etusa)

  • Dam: SGC Azzura(Paolo x Antonella)

  • CH Stonecroft’s Rocky Argo Del’Hurcane

  • Sirio x Athena

  • It.Ch;WW98 Paco( Arras x Kira)

  • CH Nikita (It.Ch;;Eu.Ch00;Ch.Pl Ettore x IT CH Dauna)

  • Arras x Kira

  • IT CH Birillo x Nicoletta It.Ch;;Eu.Ch98 Quaron

  • Fargos

  • Sara(It.Ch;;Eu.Ch00;Ch.Pl Ettore x Cleope)

  • Bruce ( CH Silver x IT.CH;EU Ch02 Molly)

  • CH Silver ( IT CH Bayron x Arba)

  • IT.CH;EU Ch02 Molly (IT CH Bayron x Altea)

  • IT CH;CH rip;YWW00 Nestore(IT.CH;CH rip;EU CH00;CHPl Ettore x CH rip Dauna)

  • Gold Rush “Charlie”(Vinicio dCC x Avalanche’s Denali)

  • Vinicio dCC (Arrow dCC x Athena dCC)

  • Boston

  • It.Ch; Bayron

  • It.Ch;;WW99 Quasar

  • Avalanche’s Denali (CH Jordi DPDP x Avalanche’s Myha Salome)

  • PBK’s Quirkee ( Stonecroft’s Timber x Etusa)

  • Stonecroft’s Rocky Argo dell’Hurrican

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