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How to Naturally Clear Your Dog of Worms, Including Heartworm.

Yes all puppies are born with worms, bestowed upon them by their mother. Worms are a part of we deal with them can either suppress or boost the immune system.

The immune system is your dog's best defense against worms. The dog's immune system will keep them in check, but if a dog has a weakened immune system, the worms can proliferate and make the dog very sick.

Intestinal Worms

Wormer's from the vet are going to be some type of pesticide that will kill the worms in the dog. That's great! but the downside is, it weakens the dog's immune system and destroys his intestinal flora which can make him vulnerable to more disease.

Watch a healthy immune system attack a worm.

Heart Worms

Parasitic Drug resistance: Parasites fight to survive and can figure out how to prevent the drug from working. Parasites and pathogens rapidly acquire resistance to modern chemical drugs and the risk of this increases the more the drug is used. For example, they may turn the drug into an inactive form or keep it from binding to its target in the pathogen. Many drugs, including heartworm preventatives, are being made stronger and stronger because of this adaptation. These drugs are now causing serious problems, injuring and even killing pets today.

So, what do you do? What do you do when you are taking more risk giving your pet the monthly preventatives than if you didn't give the preventative?

Well, you can do what I have done over my 10 years of breeding. I give my dogs a formulation of different herbs that are known throughout history to kill and prevent worm infestation in people and animals alike. These herbs, along with the immune boosting raw diet has kept my dogs heartworm free, despite living in a swamp..(yes, The Green Swamp) in North Carolina.

I decided I would create my own internal parasite preventative and this is the result. 10 years in the testing grounds of real-life with over 20 dogs+. Not one with heartworm. I have named the formula "Para-Cleanse"

formulated for the healthy and effective expulsion of internal parasites such as roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm and heartworm. Para-Cleanse contains herbs known for their anti-parasitic, anti-septic, anti-biotic and healing properties. Para-Cleanse can help to rid your pet of unhealthy internal parasites and cleanse the blood, promoting digestive health and a strong immune system.

Para-Cleanse is an excellent companion to the Raw Diet, as it boosts resistance against diseases caused by parasites and improves immune system functioning. Each of the herbs I have chosen to use in my formula target specific parasites as well as have health-boosting properties.

Unlike modern chemical pesticide medicine, herbs have been used for centuries with the same effectiveness. They still work today and will continue to work into the future.

You can have confidence knowing that you are making the right choice for your pet.

(P.S. – I use these not only for my kennel, but on myself as well…yep.)

Ingredients: Pumpkin Seed: Pumpkin seeds have been traditionally used as an anthelmintic (a substance that helps expel intestinal parasites). Pumpkin seeds are able to kill eggs, and they contain a natural fat that is toxic to parasite eggs. Curcurbitin in pumpkin seeds has shown anti-parasitic activity, since it has the ability to paralyze worms so they drop off the intestinal walls. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is antibacterial, anti-infectious (intestinal, urinary) anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, immune stimulant, purifier. Clove: Cloves contain the most powerful germicidal agent in the herbal kingdom, known as eugenol. It also contains caryophyllene, which is a powerful antimicrobial agent. These components travel through the bloodstream, killing microscopic parasites and parasitic larvae and eggs. antiaging, antitumoral, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, analgesic/ anesthetic, antioxidant, anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory, stomach protectant (ulcers), antiparasitic, anticonvulsant, bone preserving. Parsley: Parsley is a vermifuge as well as acts as a lymph and fluid mover. It helps in the elimination of parasites and toxins. Peppermint: Anti-inflammatory, antitumoral, antiparasitic(worms), antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, gallbladder/digestive stimulant, pain relieving, curbs appetite Chamomile: This herb can work to prevent and expel both roundworms and whipworms. It may not work as quickly as other herbs but it is effective and has anti-inflammatory properties. It can calm the intestinal tract when parasites cause discomfort (bloating, gas or cramps). Tumeric: This is perhaps one of the most powerful herbs and is helpful for just about everything due to it's powerful properties. It is an anticancer, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, worm-expelling, and an overall body purifier. This is a very safe herb to consume regularly for maintaining health as well as to use medicinally. Black Seed: Black seed or black cumin seed (nigella sativa) comes from the mid-east and parts of Africa. It has been used for centuries by indigenous populations and is known as “the cure for everything except death.” Black seed will get rid of most types of worms and is completely safe. Garlic: Garlic has a history of killing parasites and controlling secondary fungal infections. It also detoxifies while gently stimulating elimination and has antioxidant properties to protect against oxidation caused by parasite toxins. The active components in garlic that kill parasites are allicin and ajoene. These compounds can kill amoebas including one-cell varieties, as well as pinworms and hookworms. Garlic can boost the immune system and help fight worms and giardia. In fact, research shows that garlic to be just as effective as the toxic chemical dewormer, Ivermectin. Probiotics: Probiotics restore the helpful gut bacteria that is wiped out by yeast or parasites. Probiotics are necessary to restore proper intestinal flora, even after yeast and parasites have been removed. Apple Cider Vinegar: An effective remedy for candida and parasites. Apple Cider Vinegar is high in B-vitamins and very nourishing to the body. It help the body’s pH neutralize and improves digestion. It is well known for killing yeast and improving skin condition. Para-Cleanse can be purchased right here in our store.

*Do not give to pregnant or breeding females. Be sure to de-worm before you plan on breeding your dog.

When dosing your dog with herbal wormers, it can be more effective to give them ten days on, five days off, and then ten days on. It takes ten days to kill the worms. When worms die off, however, they will lay eggs to propagate the next generation. It takes about five days for the eggs to hatch so the treatment needs to be repeated to kill the new offspring.

*These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child’s condition. Native Remedies bases these statements on the historically established and widely acknowledged traditional uses of natural ingredients.

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