Cape Fear Cane Corso

dei Dauni Caspian

January 5, 2018

Caspian is a mildly tempered, fun loving Corso who just loves people.  He has exceptional farm work qualities, and is a natural for herding and catching chickens and bunnies, which he does without harming them. He has a stubborn streak, yet knows his job and does what is asked without training. He is a big goofball who loves to play and chase butterflies through our garden fields.





  • Weight: 115 lbs

  • Height: 26.5"

  • Registries: ICCF, AKC, ENCI

  • Color: Black

  • Born: 2013



  • Sire: It.Ch; Conan dei Dauni (It.Ch;WW98 Paco x CH Nikita)

  • It.Ch;WW98 Paco( Arras x Kira)

  • CH Nikita (It.Ch;;Eu.Ch00;Ch.Pl Ettore x IT CH Dauna)

  • Arras x Kira

  • IT CH Birillo x Nicoletta

  • Dam: Nausica( Romeo X Sara)

  • Romeo(It.Ch; Conan x Blueprint Blue)

  • Odin x Naomi DPDP

  • TimonDPDP x Zazie

  • It.Ch;;Eu.Ch98 Quaron

  • Fargos

  • Sara(It.Ch;;Eu.Ch00;Ch.Pl Ettore x Cleope)

  • Ulisse x Maya

  • Febo x Maya

  • It.Ch; Portos




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