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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Watch and learn how puppies/dogs eat and devour chicken quarters, bone and all.

I take you the kennel where all the excitement happens...yes, watching dogs eat their raw chicken can get exciting, lol. As you watch several puppies and adults devour their chicken quarters, you will see why and how a dogs design is for raw meat and bones....All the arguments for kibble and chewing their food fade away when you can SEE the logic and design in action....I even show a slow motion clip of a puppy swallowing a WHOLE raw chicken quarter! Watch as I give a play by play as the dogs eat their chicken...describing what's happening.

Dogs are built with sharp cutting rear molars used to tear and crush flesh and bone. The canine tooth chart below describes the teeth and their jobs. My main point with all of this is I prove why dogs were built to eat raw meat and not kibble. Just the design of their teeth alone tell us they need raw meat to be truly healthy and vital!

DOGS DON'T CHEW Unlike humans, dogs were designed to TEAR, SHRED, RIP, Flesh and CRUSH Bone. they eat their meat in large chunks, they DO NOT chew. The dog bowls designed to slow down your dog from inhaling their kibble is probably quite frustrating for you dog who's natural instinct is to swallow whole raw chunks of meat and soft bone. They "inhale" whole kibble chunks because, well, that's what dogs do naturally. Now, if you want to help your dog with kibble, and he eats it too fast...I suggest adding water to soften the kibbles and let them eat naturally. Imagine yourself eating a bowl of DRY CEREAL. Ok, so now you have my point. The water adds MUCH needed moisture to the dry "cereal"/kibble and gives your dogs body a helping hand in digesting all that DRYness. A dogs body will suck moisture out of every part in an effort to digest that dry kibble, thus, they drink a TON of water. This is VERY taxing on the dogs organs and body as a whole. If you're not ready to switch to raw least add water to your best friends kibble... Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Get Lots of GREAT videos on the dogs & Raw Feeding.

If you have ANY questions about feeding your dog Raw...Please ask

Thank you!

Vicky Glisson

Types of Canine teeth and their jobs

Dogs have several different types of teeth which perform different jobs as the dog eats. The follow describes the dogs teeth and their respective jobs.


The small teeth found in the front. These are used for scraping meat from bones. They also used these for grooming, have you ever had your skin "pinched" when a dog decides to "groom" you? These are the incisors.


Canines are the long, pointed teeth in the front of your dog’s mouth. These teeth are used for tearing food such as meat apart.


Pre-molars are the sharp-edged teeth found behind a dog’s canines. They are used to shred any food a dog may be eating. You may notice your dog chewing a meaty bone with the side of their mouth; their pre-molars are shredding the meat away from the bone.


Molars are used to crush bone and hold, rip and tear raw chunks. These molars are the furthest teeth back in a dog’s jaw.

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