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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Vito Indiveri of del Derium Line

Vito Indiveri is with Massimo Castrignano.

The hot years of recovery had not passed in vain and many people began to look at Dog Corso with new eyes. In particular I am talking about all those people who between the Capitanata, Gargano and Sannio had marked the steps of my own path in search of the essence of the Dog Corso. I remember them all, one by one, even those who are gone, I remember their faces and voices, the hundred trips looking for this or that famous dog that shouldn't have missed and the endless debates about their qualities and the their flaws. Out of my line they also tried to give the race the identity that we carried in the soul and that Dr. Morsiani had put on paper in the meantime. How exciting and amazement to see that the Doctor had caught the fundamental essence of the race and that he had drawn it with the words that we also learned in the meantime. After so many years the memory of my friends of then always lives inside me and keeps me company. And it is to them and some of their courses in the early s that I dedicate this very short photo review.

Vito Indiverti was A traveling salesman in the 70's and 80's, which took him to farms in Southern Italy. These farms are where he re-discovered the dog he remembered as a child.

The farmers bred this dog to fit their specifications and they all shared great agility and athleticism.

Inspired by the dogs, Vito orchestrated breeding's and was given a pup or two from the breeding's, thus his famous Dyrium line was born.

The lines we breed at Cape Fear are lines from these very same dogs Vito started with. When you purchase a Cape Fear bred Corso, you're not just getting a puppy, your getting centuries of history, preserved and brought to us today by Vito Indiverti.

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