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Family dog tests positive for COVID-19 in North Carolina

DURHAM, N.C. -- A pet dog tested positive for COVID-19 in North Carolina, in what researchers say is the first known novel coronavirus case in a canine. "To our knowledge, this is the first instance in which the virus has been detected in a dog. Little additional information is known at this time as we work to learn more about the exposure," MESSI principal investigator Dr. Chris Woods said in a statement. Dr. Heather McLean is a Duke Health pediatrician. Her husband is an ER doctor. They, as well as their human son, all tested positive for the virus. McLean said her family experienced very mild symptoms. She said the same was true of Winston, the family's pug. Winston lost his appetite for a day, but other than that, he appeared healthy. The McLeans have two dogs and one cat. Winston is the only pet that tested positive for COVID-19. As part of the study, the family will continue to be tested. McLean said her family thought it was important to do what they could to help researchers better understand this new virus. COVID-19 has been found in big cats and other felines. There have been reports of COVID-19 in dogs in other parts of the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "CDC is aware of a small number of pets, including dogs and cats, reported to be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19."

If you have dogs and do not want to see them get this virus and potentially pass it to you, I suggest a holistic approach to your pets health. We carry several products that will protect you and your pet from the COVID-19 virus and anything else coming our way in the future. Superbugs have been created due to the use/overuse of antibiotics. The bugs are able to overcome the man made antibiotic and we still have nothing that will combat a virus. The answer is herbal supplementation and essential oils.

Bacteria, virus, fungus, microbials, you name unable to overcome nature because nature keeps itself in check.

If you want to protect your dog from this virus and much more, check out our Olive Leaf, Spirulina and Para-Cleanse products. These products will help keep your dogs immune system strong and healthy and when a cold, flu or virus comes along, they either won't get sick or it will be a very mild case. I have used these herbs with our dogs since 2010. Our dogs have stayed very healthy and almost never get sick, when they catch a cold or a cough, they recover within 2-3 days. I developed these formulas over the years, finding the best combination that really works very well. You can read more about each one in the Diet and Health Blog.

Olive Leaf is natures anti-everything.....I give this to my dogs several times a week. It stays in their system and boosts their immune system as well as deconstructing virus and bacteria!

Spirulina is another Powerhouse when it comes to immune system builder and anti-viral properties. Spirulina is full of vitamins and minerals needed by every body to stay in optimal health and is a complete food on it's own. Spirulina also has it's own anti-everything properties along with keeping the body super healthy.

My very own Para-Cleanse herbal blend is full of anti-viral, anti-biotic, inflammation reducing, anti-tumoral, antibacterial, anti-infectious (intestinal, urinary) anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, astringent, immune stimulant, purifier....and then some. You can read more about this natural nuclear bomb for almost everything HERE.

I have also created my own line of Heaven Scent Essential oil blends that are a superior, powerful natural defense in their own rights. Again nature's defense's blended to kick just about anything your dog might encounter. Great protection for hiking, dog park visits, parasites, colds, flu....Utilizing the essential oils along with a healthy diet and powerhouse supplements, your dog will live a very long healthy, happy life....I would go so far as to almost guarantee it!

AND then, last but not least, If you would like to try feeding a healthy raw diet to your dog, but not sure how or where to start, or you've looked and found all the information very overwhelming....Download my free PDF on the Beginner's Quick Super Easy Guide to raw feeding. It is very basic and will put you on the right track, you'll be feeding the same diet I have fed my dogs for the last 10 years in the first meal!

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