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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Klaus (Alpha) Custodi Nos x Cape Fear's Angelina

1st Pick Male - $3,000 -

2nd Pick Male - $3,000 - 3rd Pick Male - $2,800 -

1st Pick Female - $3,000 -

2nd Pick Female - $3,000 -

3rd pick Female $2,800 -

Alpha and Glory will make nice sized solid tempered guardian Corso!

Glory is highly intelligent and loyal, she will produce excellent family Corso. Alpha is a large dominant male. These two will produce excellent family protectors.

See their individual profile pages here:

Alpha and Angelina will produce another top notch litter!

Angelina carries our old Dyrium lines, she has produced excellent Corso. Alpha is a big boy producing dominant pups. Alpha has exceptional Custodi Nos, Dyrium and Gerassi lines. Both Alpha and Angelina's temperaments are stable and protective. Both playful and loving dogs, with 100% Italian bloodlines, will produce excellent family Corso and guardians.

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Heaven Sent Complete Nutrition Package

I created this package to give

you the peace of mind, knowing your pup is getting everything he/she needs in their raw diet. This package full-fills your contract agreement to feed raw and supplement with Life Guard.

This package includes:

  • 30lbs(1 month supply)of Heaven Sent 80/10/10 blends

    • (your choice of 3 different blends)

  • 2.5/lb bag of Raw bones

  • 1lb of Whole Fish

  • 16 oz Jar of Diatomaceous Earth

  • 1 60 ct. Supplement (Choice of Life-Guard, Para Cleanse)


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Puppy Essentials Checklist: ____ Raw Food & Life-Guard ____ Essential Puppy Needs:

  • Corso Tested Toys

  • Collar & Leash

  • Brush

  • Shampoo

  • Crate, Cover, water pail & Bed .....and more

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Grey Collar

Green Collar

Blue Collar