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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Senza Tempo's Yo Soy El Jefe

Jefe is one of the most handsom Corso I've seen. Jefe is protective and super loving of his family. He has terrific structure and is a big boy. Everyone who visits to see him in person says the pictures online don't do him justice. We are very pleased to have him here and include him into our program.

Registries: AKC

Height: 27"

Weight: 135(guestimate)

Sire: Battista Sangue Magnifica

Acciarino Pia Fidelis

Sushi Sangue Magnifica

Ayron Del Dyrium

Missvanguard Guardiana

Sangue Magnifica Murano


Master Del Dyrium Enza Degli Elmi

Sarewock Custodi Nos

Black Magic Guardiana

Gvido Sangue Magnifico

Lucrezia Del Rosso Malpelo

Davor Del Dyrium


Dam: Senza Tempo's Blondie

CH Cape Fear's Senza Tempo Preacher

Senza Tempo's Steel Cashmere

Avalanche's Italian Stallion Aka Rocky

Avalanche's Sally

Maximo's Pharoh

Confidential Reign Stella

Avalanche's Dogwood Brimstone

Avalanches Abbi


CH Black Reign

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