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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Essential Oil Flea, Tick and Mosquito Repellent

The Summer brings thoughts of fun and sun in the great outdoors....

Until those first signs of flea, ticks, and mosquitoes start showing up to the party!

If you thought the use of dangerous prescription pills from the vet were your only avenue of defense....think again!

Welcome to the world of natural healing and essential oils!

So what does a person do to repel the Fleas, Ticks and heartworm carrying mosquitoes? What do you do if you do not want to use the vet recommended prescription pills?

My vet told me, in his own words; "I don't know what people are going to do when these(pointing to his great wall of flea, tick and heartworm meds) stop working." Yep, straight from my vet. He has been so impressed with the health of my dogs, he and his entire staff have switched their pets over to a raw diet and started carrying the meat rolls to supply his office.

When you decide to start using natural healing methods, keep in mind that it is a whole-istic way of life that takes time to build a strong immune system. Building a strong immune system is the first step in dealing with any health issues or pests. In nature, especially in farming(we have an organic vegetable homestead farm also), the insects will first attack the weak, undernourished, unhealthy plants. Then they will proceed to destroy your entire garden if there are not preventative measures put in place. In a garden, it's establishing a healthy soil and a healthy population of "good" bugs that prey on and eat the "bad" bugs that are destroying your garden. In a dog (or even yourself), the preventative measures will be a healthy diet and supplements that help build the immune system. Time and patience will be needed for detoxing all the organs and body from toxic waste and re-building a healthy system.

There's no better time to start than right now!

So What do you do? Step one is to give your pet the best diet you can. The raw diet is a species appropriate and natural diet for your dogs and cats. When you're are feeding your pet their natural diet, you can feel confident about taking them off the monthly meds.

The raw diet is the first and foremost step and getting your pet off of the flea, heartworm or other 'monthly' type of 'preventatives' and onto the road of health. The current heartworm preventatives on the market are nothing more than poisonous pesticides running through your pets body, which toxifies the body, suppresses the immune system, actually making your pet more susceptible to getting heartworm if you take them off of the pill.

You can read more about the Raw Diet in other blog articles here on this site.

Step two is to use natural methods to help repel those pesky fleas and mosquito's!

Several Essential oils are excellent at repelling both mosquitoes and fleas as well as meal supplements(ie:garlic, ACV, sct...)

Let's start with the Essential Oils:

Repel Away is an easy to use oil since it is already blended for you.

I have personally blended a set of 5 blends that will cover nearly anything you will need. A healthy diet & supplements, along with the repellents, will not only keep the pests away, but put you on the road to an allergy free, disease free, happy and healthy pet!

get you on the right track to top health for your pet.

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