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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Cape Fear's Sophia

Sophia is a wonderfully tempered girl. She is loving and easy with the family and has the right amount of drive. She is the product of my foundation female Sally and Caspian and she has the temperaments of both in that she has a high catch drive, is very intelligent, and just loves people!

Weight: 80 lbs

Height: 20"

Color: Black

Born: 2017


Lineage: Caspian Dei Dauni x Cape Fear's Sassy Sire: Caspian dei Dauni (It.Ch; Conan dei Dauni x Nausica)

●It.Ch; Conan dei Dauni (It.Ch;WW98 Paco x CH Nikita)

●It.Ch;WW98 Paco(Arras x Kira)

●CH Nikita (It.Ch;;Eu.Ch00;Ch.Pl Ettore x IT CH Dauna)

●IT CH Birillo x Nicoletta

●Nausica( Romeo X Sara)

●Romeo(It.Ch; Conan x Blueprint Blue)

●TimonDPDP x Zazie

●It.Ch;;Eu.Ch98 Quaron

●Sara(It.Ch;;Eu.Ch00;Ch.Pl Ettore x Cleope)

●It.Ch;WW98Paco●It.Ch; Portos

Avalanche’s Sassy(Caspian dei Dauni x Avalanche's Sally) ●Avalanche’s Sally(CH Giacomo x Eclipse)

●CH Giacomo (FCI CH Jones xJadore)

●Levis,•Sissy, •Taureg

●FCI CH Tequila

●FCI CH Ww98 Paco II

●Avalanche’s Eclipse(Vincenzo dCC x Calypso)

●FCI CH Arrow x FCI SGC Athena

●FCI CH Silver x FCI CH Molly II

●FCI CH Nestore x Lilla

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