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Cape Fear Cane Corso

Klaus Custodi Nos x Cape Fear's Mystic - Litter whelped 1/15/22

Taking Deposits 1st POL Male -Panzica

Breeder Pick 1st POL Female - $3,000-Pederson

2nd POL Female - $3,000-Siths 3rd POL Female - $2,750-Louiselle

4th POL Female - $2,500-Griggs

5th POL Female - $2,500 - Lewis

We have a beautiful litter of 6 females and 1 male (Sold).

Klaus and Mystic are both terrific Corso. Klaus is a big import male with typical Corso male dominance, loves to play and run hard strutting his stuff, teasing the rest of the kennel. Mystic is a family loving female with terrific athletic build and ability. Both enjoy meeting visitors. Both have old Italian lines, protective and loyal. If your interested, get the ball rolling with an application.

White Collar Female Personality: Spunky, instigator

Green Collar Female

Personality: Big love bug, somewhat dominant

Yellow Collar Female Personality: Playful, mid-dominace

Red Collar Female Personality: Quiet, non-dominant

Purple Collar Female - Retained: Breeder Pick

Personality: Miss I'm in charge, Playful.

Orange Collar Female Personality: 2nd in charge-runner up, playful

Blue Collar Male - Sold Personality: Thinks he's the one in charge, Dominant